Selecting the right study Course

We understand the dilemma that a student goes through once he decided to go abroad for his higher studies. Here we at Worldwide Eduguide assist the student in selecting the right course for them according to their interest and requirements.  It is very important for the student to be very happy with the choice of course and the institution he has made. At Worldwide Eduguide we ensure that students are able to identify the course offered by the Institute which closely meet their present and long term aims and develop their potential.




Assistance with application forms for admission

A good application makes a positive impact on the institution; the student has applied to, thereby increasing the possibility of securing admission. We assist all our student with documentation required to be submitted along with the application forms.

Liaising with universities for offer letters

Once we get complete documents from students we provide offer letter from Institute within 24 hours. After getting offer letter once students have to submit documents to embassy we provide all required documents from Institute. We work as a bridge between student and Institute.

Assistance in obtaining bank loans

We provide documents required from college to obtaining a bank loan. The document explains about all expenditure required for candidate to complete his/her studies. What ever is required from Institute we can easily provide but rest all other formalities have to be completed by students themselves in order to get loan.

Advice on part time employment while studying

We assist the students by informing them of the various job options available. Also we have a network of the students who are currently studying in Slovenia and they would be happy to advice the prospective students on the part time job opportunities



Visa guidance, which includes mock interviews

Once the student has received an offer letter from our Partner college, we guide him/her in preparing the various documents required for obtaining a student's visa. We also counsel the students for their visa interview by giving mock interview sessions by skype.

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