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Academia  was founded in 1994 in Maribor Founded in 1994 in Maribor. It carries out training programs, education and  employment, aimed at personal development of clients and to better employment opportunities in international commercial  markets. Becoming a supplier by our customers recognize as high quality educational institution for the acquisition of  competences which will allow them a significant competitive advantage. Academia has received 75 000 Participants in its  programs since 1994.Today Academia is presented by 3 schools, each one offering various programs itself:

  • School of Business
  • School or Engineering
  • School of Media

It is accredited Institute in Slovenia.  Accreditation is a form of quality assurance in education.
Only schools that offer good educational services for students can be accredited. So it therefore Accreditation ensures that you receive high-quality services Academia.

Academia has always been evaluated by many accreditation organizations and always not
only reach but also significantly exceeds required standards deployment and the provision of quality education.


Why to choose accredited school?


For you, accredited school means that it is constantly under the control of influential
organizations with an interest in your satisfaction and success and employability.
Accreditation house to ensure that school:

  • the relevant lecturers,
  • has adequate and modern facilities, hardware and software,
  • concern for the employability of its students and graduates,
  • ensure the accuracy and reliability of performance in relation to its marketing activities prior to enrollment.


School Social responsibility


Economic responsibility: Economic responsibility begins with respect for agreements
with business partners, students and lecturers. Academia also has 20 years of excellence in care for the credit business, which is expressed in respect of payment deadlines to our partners and
today is among the 3% of the most successful business entities in Slovenia.

Raising awareness of environmental diseases:  Academia was the initiator of the Municipality of Maribor and donor for setting up free clinics for those who have no possibility of compulsory health insurance scheme. Free clinic performs a set of health care, which is based
voluntary work of doctors and volunteers working under the auspices of the charitable organization Caritas.

Support primary schools in India: Academia is a financial donation and basic supplier
of notebooks, kulić etc. Contributed to the improvement of the school and conjured a smile on
the face of children.




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