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Study period:   2 Years Programme

120 ECTS, Level 6/1 (UK level 5) EU recognized degree, Including UK

Accredited by Ministry of Education Slovenia

Form of study:   Daytime

800 hours Internship in EU

Language:   English


Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems. They must consider many factors in the design process from the construction costs and expected lifetime of a project to government regulations and potential environmental hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

images 14Civil engineering, considered one of the oldest engineering disciplines, encompasses many specialties. The major ones are structural, water resources, construction, transportation, and geotechnical engineering. Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer. Others may work in design, construction, research, and teaching.

Civil engineering is grouped into seven specialty areas: structural, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, transportation, construction, and urban planning. In practice, these are not always hard and fixed categories, but they offer a helpful way to review a very diverse and dynamic field.


Why Take This Study Programme?


With 4th Industrial Revolution demand for Civil Engineers will only rise. Especially in the fields of new building technologies using nanotechnology.

Competences gained at this study programme will enable you to use your knowledge in practise immediately and prepare you to exciting future that is in front of us.

Become a Civil Engineer and change your career perspective! With effective and appropriate guidance this study programme will enable you obtain crucial competences as a Civil Engineer.

By the time of graduation you will have your own portfolio of real-life projects to present to your future employer.




Lecturers in Civil Engineering study program are recognized professional employed by leading multinationals and local enterprises with expertise in mechanics, automotive industry, tool making and production automation. They are be able to provide you with up-to date industry knowledge.


Student Satisfaction


ok•        95% students say we met and exceeded their expecations about the programme

•        97% students would recommend us to a friend

•        Student success rate is between 80% in 90%



Entry Requirements:


To enroll in this study programme you must have:

•        Completed Secondary / High-School Education – 12 years

•        Proof of English Language Level upon entry, which could be one of the following:

o        ELSA Score of at least 380

o        TOELF iBT score of at least 79

o        IELTS score of at least 5.5


Validity of Degree:


Study program Audio Production is publicly accredited and recognized programme by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 86/04 and 100/13).

Education is recognised within European Union with 120 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System.

Next to official Diploma Document students will receive an annex with detailed information about the study programme and competences gained while studying at Academia.


Opportunities for further study after Graduation


Once students graduate at Academia, they can enroll into 3rd Year of Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.

Our Civil Engineering Graduates are employed by:


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