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sssStudy period:   2 Years Programme

120 ECTS, Level 6/1 (UK level 5) EU recognized degree, Including UK

Accredited by Ministry of Education Slovenia

Form of study:   Daytime

800 hours Internship in EU

Language:   English



















The film and video industry entertains, challenges, impacts our understanding of current events, heightens our awareness of social issues, and even influences our buying decisions. Be a part of this cultural phenomenon, and enroll in the Film and Video Production program.

The Video Production program prepares you for a career in one of most evolving media industries. You will learn the fundamentals of cinematography, sound recording, editing as well as the business aspects of the film and video industries.

Video Production is delivered in a unique environment that combines traditional teaching methods with hands-on production and project models. In the second year, students have the opportunity to specialize, and are further assisted in finding a practicum opportunity to obtain firsthand experience and establish additional contacts in the industry. 

Upon graduation, you may find employment in movies of the week, feature films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, specialty channel programming, television series, and public service or corporate productions. Most entry-level work is available on a freelance or contract basis. A growing number of entrepreneurial graduates contract their services to multiple clients. 

Graduates of the Film and Video Production program have a 89% employment rate.

Student Satisfaction

•        95% students say we met and exceeded their expecations about the programme

•        97% students would recommend us to a friend

•        Student success rate is between 80% in 90%

Entry Requirements

To enrol in this study programme you must have:

•        Completed Secondary / High-School Education – 12 years

•        Proof of English Language Level upon entry, which could be one of the following:

o        ELSA Score of at least 380

o        TOELF iBT score of at least 79

o        IELTS score of at least 5.5

o        FCA (A)

o        other equivalent English Assessment, subject to Academia approval

Validity of degree

Study program Security Engineering  is publicly accredited and recognized programme by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 86/04 and 100/13).

Education is recognised within European Union with 120 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System.

Next to official Diploma Document students will receive an annex with detailed information about the study programme and competences gained while studying at Academia.

Opportunities for further study after Graduation

Once students graduate at Academia, they can enroll into 3rd Year of Bachelor Degree in Video Production.

Our Video Production Graduates are Employed by:





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