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Application process and checklist


All of our international applicants apply electronically for courses and programmes. 


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The following is a list of what is required in order to apply for the programmes in Slovenia:


Filled application form

Record of completed upper secondary (high school) education

This completed education, along with the awarded degree certificate and transcript
Proficiency in English

(You must also present proof of proficiency in the English language. You must submit the official results from an internationally recognized test such as TOEFL or IELTS).
Computer Skills interview

Media Production Only

Document translation requirements

Upper secondary (high school) documents in English and Slovenian do not need to be translated. If your documents are in any other language, you must also submit authorized translations of the documents into English. 

Statment of Purpose No more tyhan 500 words



Contact us

If you have questions, please contact us by using the contact form which you can access by clicking on Contact us. Regrettably, due to the great number of applications, this service is restricted to general feedback. Please be patient and await a reply – sending multiple emails will not result in a faster reply.

It is important to remember that the admissions process takes several weeks. Your patience is appreciated.




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