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Opportunities for our graduates:


Our Graduates get opportunity to get jobs in International market. Many International companies from all over the Europe visit our campus in order to recruit qualified candidates for their companies where students get huge packages.

All international students who get jobs also are able to apply for blue card which can be converted into permanently residence permit. Once students get employment and blue card they are eligible to join their families with them.


Double Degree Opportunity:

Our graduates will get double degree. Our Partner Institute (Academia) will be accredited by Ministry of Education of United Kingdom by end of year 2016, so all those students who will join with us now will be able to earn two degrees- Slovenia and UK.

Academia will get approval to start academic courses from 2017 and here our graduates will get opportunity to finish their Bachelors and Masters degree  from Academia. All students who will complete their academic degrees from Academia will get dual degree – Slovenia and United Kingdom.

Our graduates can get assistance from us to get free Internship in the Industry of their choice and during Internship they will get stipend too.

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